Aljunied voters may not regret choosing WP

Posted: April 30, 2011 in Politics
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Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has launched what could arguably be the biggest fear mongering political missile of General Elections 2011 at the Workers’ Party.

Lee was quoted as saying in a Yahoo! News story that Hougang’s property prices, under the care of Workers’ Party secretary-general Low Thia Kiang, are not as high as that of neighbouring Aljunied Group Representative Constituency, currently under the care of the PAP, and if Aljunied voters choose Workers’ Party, their property values could be affected.

Given the skyrocketing Housing Development Board flat prices these days, it is perhaps a relief that the Workers’ Party had managed to keep the prices of flats in Hougang more affordable for young Singaporeans who need a first home. The Workers’ Party appeared to be much more capable of keeping housing prices affordable than the People’s Action Party if what Lee said about property prices in Hougang is true.

Even if lower HDB flat prices in Hougang are indeed undesirable, then the Workers’ Party again deserves credit for ensuring that the value of  flats in Hougang are still comparable to those under the care of the Workers’ Party despite the arsenal of resources available to enhance flat values in PAP controlled constituencies.

Aljunied voters need not fear choosing the Workers’ Party. Hougang, under the care of the Workers’ Party for twenty years, is not a shanty town. The Workers’ Party election video showed Hougang as a clean, safe and vibrant community.

Potong Pasir, the other non-PAP constituency, is also not a shanty town, according to a Facebook note (Editor’s note: You need to login to a valid facebook account to read the Facebook note) by a Potong Pasir resident about how her town has been under the care of Singapore People’s Party’s Chiam See Tong. According to the note, Potong Pasir residents pay the lowest conservancy fees in Singapore and still enjoyed estate improvements and some upgrading.

If the PAP is indeed the best political party in Singapore, it will win big at the ballot box regardless of challenges by other political parties. Such fear mongering tactics do not destroy the credibility nor the appeal of the Workers’ Party; instead, they speak volumes about the insecurities of the PAP.

Editor’s addendum:

Bernard Leong has published an article with facts from HDB’s website showing that flat prices in parts of Hougang under the Workers’ Party is comparable to that of parts under the People’s Action Party.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang also has an article that analyzes why property prices in Aljunied will not change even if the GRC comes under the Workers’ PArty.

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  2. Hope vs Fear says:

    (By the way, Parliament has been dissolved and therefore there should be no MPs during this period; and therefore the govt is only a caretaker; so how can there be political appointments such as MM or SM or PM at this point in time?)

    I have always had the impression that LKY has the traits of a big bully and a ganster. From what he has delivered over the last few days/nights (to help his useless son stays on his seat), it again confirm my strong impression that he is an incorrigible big bully and ganster.

    It is time for him to regret now, before it is too late. It is time for him to repent now, before he kicks the bucket. Yet instead of reflecting upon his own sins, he is still at it again with his old tricks.

    They say old dogs cannot learn new tricks. It is definitely the hard truth when it comes to this old man.

    The more he threatens with wanting to disadvantage the people of Aljunied GRC with showing favouritism (corruption) to only PAP wards, the more people will get fed up of the PAP. This issue has gone on long enough with Hougang and Poton Pasir. This arrogant and callous recurrent threat must be put to rest with one resounding bang this coming 7th May.

    Voters of Aljunied GRC, as well as all other constinuencies, ask ourselves this:

    Do we want a fair, compassionate, understanding and magnanimous government or an arrogant, bullying, gangster-like government and leaders to lord over us all the time?

    Or do we want to give ourselves a chance – a glimspe of hope – for a change for a better future?

    Nothing venture, nothing gained.
    Vain hearts will never win a fair lady.
    Time and Tide waits for no men and women.
    Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

  3. Senior Citizen says:

    Losing a Foreign Minister would not be the end of the world. Losing our rice bowl definitely would.

    From chosing between my rice bowl and that of George Yeo, my own rice bowl comes first of course.

    Anyway, Georgie Boy has already been more than sufficiently rewarded by millions and millions of $$$ from taxpayers money.

    Moreover, I am very sure that LHL and LKY would be able to find him another job, may be even better than what Georgie Boy has today, e.g. the post of the Selected/Elected President to replace the ex-Secret Service Chief, Nathan.

    But if Aljunied GRC voters did not vote for WP in this GE, then it will not only be a very bad signal but also a curse to all Singaporeans. Other countries will spit at all of us for being “Stupid”, “Cowards”, “No-back-bones”, “No Balls”, etc. Foreigners within Singapore will think that we are easy to bully and be cheated. More and more foreigners will flock to Singapore and rob us of our very own rice bowls.

    Sorry, Georgie Boy, I stay in Aljunied GRC and my family and I have decided without any emotional baggage to vote for WP, a party that spells a glimspe of hope for the underdogs, the poor and the needy – A party that is down to earth – A party that deserves to be given a chance to prove itself to the people – A party for the people!

  4. syafiq06 says:

    I think PAP may not lose Aljunied because Singaporeans are daft and political apathy. I talk to some residents there and most refuse to discuss about opposition politics. They said they are worry that it is illegal to have any connection with the opposition. It is like WP is an outlaw political party. It is sad that Singapore today is still worst than a communist China. No wonder communist China is so eager to learn from Singapore how to continue dominate the political landscape. If we look closely, Singapore is indeed a communist country to its people but a democracy to the foreigners.

    Be prepared to have another 87:0 clean sweep by PAP again in this GE2011. I do not place high hope on the outcome that opposition will break the GRC. GRC, NMP and NCMP are designed to kill all the opposition and forever secure power for the PAP. The other reminder is that in the past there is no social unrest even when PAP got only 66% votes and had 92% seats in parliament. I do not see why the daft Singaporeans will not tolerate this time if they can be silent for so many years in the past. They are really daft as MM has said before.

  5. Aaron Ng says:


    I do feel sad being a Singaporean sometimes because so many people want to take care of their own interests first. If there ever comes at time when Singapore is really in trouble, Singaporeans will turn on one another.

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