Counter fear with facts, counter darkness with light

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Politics
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With all the fear mongering about falling property prices in Aljunied that the People’s Action Party has been engaging in recently, someone needs to set the record straight, and two very credible netizens, Bernard Leong and Gilbert Koh, who is better known as Mr Wang, have both written very insightful articles about why Aljunied residents need not fear any fall in their property prices.

Leong used data supplied from the Housing Development Board’s website in his analysis. According to Leong’s article, the median resale value of four and five room HDB flats in Workers’ Party controlled Hougang Single Member Constituency for the past year was not much different from the flats a couple of streets away in Aljunied Group Representative Constituency.

Koh did not use numbers but instead analysed the factors that affect the prices of properties in Singapore, and based on his analysis, there is no rational reason to believe will be a fall in property prices in Aljunied GRC if the Workers’ Party is voted in.

This blog has also commented on the possibility of a drop in the property prices should Aljunied GRC be won by the Workers’ Party and concluded that the odds of such a scenario happening is very unlikely based on the track record of Hougang SMC, which Leong has further substantiated with numbers from HDB’s website.

In the heat of elections, political parties naturally seek any possible advantage over their opponents. Fear mongering and misinformation are part and parcel of political tactics to gain an advantage, but these tactics do not benefit voters, for they impede voters’ ability to make informed choices. It is imperative that facts be told so that informed choices can be made without fear and ignorance.

When faced with fear, counter it with facts. When faced with darkness, counter it with light.

  1. Awaken Citizen says:

    Well done, Aaron. We must help our fellow ignorant and apathetic Singaporean voters to fix themselves instead of allowing the PAP leaders to fix them every so frequently. If we really love our country and countrymen (inclusive of women and children), we should try our very best to educate them in our own ways, because our education system has failed all of us miserably due to underlying selfish objective of the PAP. In this respect, you have been doing your part very well and I personally thank and salute you.

    Fear mongering are usually employed and applied by bullies, gangsters and hooligans who do not have real capabilities or who fear for their own shortcomings. The bullies, gangsters and hooligans (and the PAP) have one thing in common, that is: To use whatever force (gross to subtle) to make their targets submit to their will.

    That is why, over the years, I have formed a very strong impression on LKY as big bully, ganster and hooligan, despite he being highly educated in Cambridge and so on.

    I agree that voters in Aljunied GRC should never fear that their property prices will fall if they were to vote for the Workers’ Party. What they should fear, if PAP is returned with a strong mandate to rule over us again, are the following:

    1) HDB prices keep going up until locals are forced out of the property market.

    2) Transportation costs keep rising if LTA refused to step in to check and put a break to it.

    3) Food prices keep going up because the govt simply attribute it to foreign and worldwide factors instead of seriously doing something about it.

    4) GST increase to 8, 9 or 10 percent. LHL said there is no reason to increase the GST but he can always find a reason later on. The PAP’s track record clearly shows that after the 2001 GE, GST was increased from 3 to 5 percent; and after the 2006 GE, the GST was increased from 5 to 7 percent. Moreover, LHL’s words and promises cannot be trusted any more because since he became PM in 2004, he has been saying one thing but doing just the opposite, e.g. he promised a more open society but he immediately introduced many more new laws and amended old ones to curb, restrict and suppress freedom of speech, movement, assembly, etc. And he acted blur when Mas Selamat escaped (remember what he said after 10 days of hiding from making a statement about Mas Selamat’s escape?) – “It has happened … what to do?” And up to today, he has yet to tell us how and why Temasek Holding (controlled by his wife) and GIC (controlled by his father) had lost so many $billions of our taxpayers and CPF money.

    5) Ministers salaries and bonuses increase even higher and higher. During the last 5 years, how much of ministers pay and perks have increased?

    6) Administrative cost of governing increase further and further. During the last 5 years how much the Prime Minister Office’s Budget has increased?

    7) Passing more new laws to fix the Oppositions and Alternative Leaderships so as to entrench the PAP’s power even deeper and wider.

    8) More Increase of foreign workers, permanent residents and new citizens to the disadvantage and detriment of local Singaporeans and the Singapore society at large.

    9) PAP ministers allowing more terror detainees or criminals to escape from our prisons because ineffective and inefficient leaders are still holding onto their same or similar jobs.

    10) PAP leaders continue to refuse transparency and accountability on the use of public funds and CPF money, especially the huge losses made be Temasek Holdings and GIC.

    11) PAP leaders continue to refuse accountability and take responsibility for blunders or mistakes made.

    12) PAP leaders continue to mislead, misinform, threaten and suppress information that are of importance to us as citizens.

    13) Khaw Boon Wan and company come out with a new law or regulation similar to the means-testing and compulsory acquisition of our organs, forcing us to send our sick parents or grand parents to nursing homes in JB, Batam or Bintan.

    14) Last but not least, PAP leaders, side-kicks, running-dogs and ball-carriers continue to their uncaring attitude and lord over all of us, and branding us with all sorts of derogative and divisive names, and dismissing our feedbacks and complaints as mere noises.

    I am staying in Aljunied GRC and I have no choice but to vote for the Opposition because I have awakened.

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