Auntie power

Posted: May 2, 2011 in People
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In this elections, Gen-Y voters may be playing a more significant role than in 2006, but the bulk of the votes still lies in the hands of the Gen-X group, and any candidate wishing to win any seat must be able to seal signifcant support of the Gen-X group.

The People’s Action Party appeared to be directing significant attention to the Gen-X group, both positively and negatively, in their election campaigns. On one hand, they remind these Gen-X voters about high flat values and that the government will always share the fruits of economic prosperity through cash handouts every now and then. On the other hand, the PAP also wields a big stick to strike fear into the hearts of Gen X voters by warning of dire consequences should the PAP be voted out.

The PAP has a huge advantage with significant numbers of Gen-X voters using this strategy, especially with the lesser educated homemakers or the so-called “aunties” in Singapore lingo. These “aunties” are not small in numbers, and it is doubtful that these “aunties” are interested in themes such as a first world parliament.

Instead, these aunties are perhaps more concerned with whether the fish or vegetable prices at the wet markets are going up or down, or whether their favourite fried carrot cake or daily cup of morning coffee at the kopitiam stalls downstairs have increased prices. Or they might be worried about whether the world they know, the world in which there’s only the PAP, will collapse should the PAP be voted out.

Political parties should start thinking about what makes these “aunties”  tick and how to get their votes. The PAP has less to worry about because these “aunties” grew up with the PAP and it is probable that in the absence of a good reason, the default choice is likely the PAP.

The non-PAP parties should not underestimate the power of the “aunties”.

  1. Fox says:

    The aunties have children and their children need affordable housing. Also, the children are well-educated and have a mind of their own.

  2. molly says:

    Gen-Y shd start talking to their ‘seniors’ at home and let them know in simple language that if they dont vote the opp, thieir children and grandchildrens’ lives will be miserable and torn apart by more foreigners…I told my grandmother this, showed her the symbol to mark for, and finally she “understands”! Sad, but these old folks need simple talk to win over.

  3. syafiq06 says:

    Mind you. Many educated young Singaporeans still have the mentality of these “aunties”. That is why MM is confident that PAP will still win more than 2/3 seats in parliament. And, how many Singaporeans really understand that nothing will change if PAP still have more than 2/3 seats in parliament. PAP can still ignore your voices and opposition MPs and still can amend the constitution and introduce any bills or laws without any problem. Democracy has been dead since GRC, NMP and NCMP were introduced.

    With these “aunties”, be prepared for 87:0 clean sweep by PAP. Good luck.

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