This blog is owned by Aaron Ng, currently an instructor at the Communications and New Media Programme located within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the National University of Singapore.

Aaron completed his undergraduate degree with CNM in 2007, graduating as class valedictorian. He then became a teaching assistant with the CNM programme and did his Masters degree with the programme at the same time. He completed his Masters degree in 2010.

This is the second blog for him, who is no stranger to the Singaporean blogging scene. He previously owned a blog titled Hear Ye! Hear Ye!, which began in the year 2006, but has discontinued that blog to start this blog. He was also part of the Singapore Angle team.

The blog name, Chapter Two: Reload, represents the second phase of his blogging career. After having graduated, worked, and grown older and wiser, Aaron’s thoughts have evolved, and he thinks it’s time to close the previous blog and start blogging again under a new blog.

The reason why this blog is not on his personal domain is because he has gotten tired of the technical aspects of maintaining a personal blog on a web server, although he still unwillingly does maintenance on his previous blog from time to time.

The blog might be new, the domain name might have changed, but what has not changed and will not change is his serious, straight writing style and his strong belief in freedom of speech.

If you would like to contact Aaron, please send an email to chaptertworeload {at} gmail dot com.