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George Orwell’s Animal Farm is probably must read for Singaporeans before elections. The novel makes one really important point, that is, living beings are generally selfish. Without a properly functioning system of checks and balances to counteract selfish tendencies, the majority suffers in the end.

The novel is not all that long, but for the benefit of those who have no time to read the entire lengthy novel, there is a chapter by chapter summary of the novel available online. Each chapter summary will take no more than a few minutes to read, and an overview of the novel can be gained in under 30 minutes.

Think about how the pigs in Animal Farm employ fear to control the other animals who all along whole-heartedly believed that the pigs are acting in everyone’s best interests. Think about how the pigs systematically exploits all the other animals. Think about what unchecked power can do.


Dear Mr Mah Bow Tan,

Almost 30 years ago, my parents bought a four room HDB flat for about $50,000. According to you, it is the sound policies of the PAP that resulted in enhancement of the value of my parents’ flat. Today, the flat is worth about $300,000, six times the value of what they bought for.

Your fellow PAP colleagues have also been reminding me that the PAP has a good track record of bringing about economic propserity for Singapore, and therefore I should vote the PAP in the upcoming elections.

Assuming that the excellent track record of the PAP continues into the future, this could mean that if I were to buy a similar four room HDB flat for $300,000 today and the PAP is consistently voted into power for the next 30 years, my flat value will will increase six times to $1,800,000 by 2041.

If that happens, Mr Mah, all Singaporeans who have a HDB flat will be millionaires! Singapore would enter the record books as the first country in the world where most of its citizens are millionaires! Singapore would have achieved another first in the world!

I will seriously consider voting for the PAP, Mr Mah, because only PAP’s proven track record can achieve such a tremendous enhancement of flat value. I want my HDB flat to be worth $1.8 million in 30 years time. I will also tell my kids to vote PAP 30 years later, because their flats could be worth six times of $1.8 million, which is $10.8 million after another 30 years.

Yours truly,


Editor’s note:

This entry is purely for fun and does not constitute any claim of fact. The intention of this entry is to provide some comic relief to the serious political discussions about housing policies. 😀