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The Straits Times committed a major factual error in a front page headline on its morning print edition published on April 28.

The headline read, “PAP challenged for 82 seats.”

This is factually incorrect. There are a total of 87 seats up for contest, of which 82 are being contested by various political parties, with the five seats in the Tanjong Pagar Group Representative Contituency uncontested. Of the 82 seats being contested, the parliamentary seats of Single Member Constitencies of Hougang and Potong Pasir are currently held by the Workers’ Party and the Singapore People’s Party respectively.

This means that out of the 82 seats being contested, the People’s Action Party is challenging the Workers’ Party and the Singapore People’s Party for two seats, while the other political parties are challenging the PAP for the remaining 80 seats. Therefore, the front page headline is factually wrong. The PAP is NOT being challenged in all 82 contested seats.

For a story to appear on the front page, it must have been approved by a number of senior editors. It is extremely disappointing that the Straits Times, which described itself as “one of the region’s oldest English-language daily newspapers” and “the flagship publication of the publicly-listed Singapore Press Holdings group” failed in checking their facts about, of all things, a front page news story.

The credibility of journalism is almost completely dependent on the ability of news organizations to get the facts straight.┬áThis blog urges the Straits Times to clarify this factual error on the front page of tomorrow’s print edition of the paper.